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ClearCorrect Invisible Braces in Kingwood, TX

Adults and older teens who want straight smiles don’t have to wear braces. Dr. Mosby can help you achieve a beautiful, straight smile with ClearCorrect invisible braces. ClearCorrect offers a perfect solution to the chunky metal brackets and wires of traditional orthodontics. In fact, ClearCorrect can often straighten your teeth in less time than braces.

What are ClearCorrect Invisible Braces?

ClearCorrect invisible braces aren’t braces in the conventional sense. Instead of using a bracket on each tooth connected by an archwire, ClearCorrect uses clear aligner trays to move teeth into a more desirable position. ClearCorrect clear aligners are made of flexible, smooth acrylic for comfort and almost invisible orthodontic treatment you won’t mind smiling through.

How Do ClearCorrect Invisible Braces Work?

Your ClearCorrect treatment begins with a consultation at our Kingwood dentist office. Dr. Mosby will take impressions of your teeth and send them to ClearCorrect along with a written prescription for your aligners. ClearCorrect uses the impressions to create a 3-D model of your teeth. Following Dr. Mosby’s exacting specifications, ClearCorrect creates a series of aligners for your treatment. Each aligner is created using cutting-edge 3-D printing technology to create your custom aligners with precision.

You’ll wear your ClearCorrect aligners all day, every day, except during meals or when brushing your teeth. ClearCorrect aligners are clear, so they are nearly invisible while you wear them, so you won’t mind wearing them to school or work. Each aligner moves your teeth quickly but comfortably into place. Aligner by aligner, you’ll see a difference in your smile as your teeth straighten right before your eyes.

Every 6-8 weeks, Dr. Mosby will have you return to our Kingwood dentist office for maintenance. Unlike traditional braces, there won’t be any painful adjustments. We’ll simply check to make sure treatment is on track, and provide you with your next set of aligners.

The Benefits of ClearCorrect Invisible Braces

  • Invisible treatment with clear aligners
  • No brackets or wires to cause abrasions
  • No food or drink restrictions
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable for special occasions
  • No white spots associated with brackets bonded to teeth
  • Simpler office visits
  • Faster treatment times

If you're ready to straighten your smile - without compromising your image - call to reserve your ClearCorrect Invisible Braces consultation with Dr. Mosby today. We may also recommend other cosmetic dentistry treatments for your smile. Residents from Spring, Humble, Crosby, and the greater Houston area visit our Kingwood office.

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